"How the rabbit ended up with a short tail? Well, one winter day Ramblin' Rabbit decided to use his beautiful long tail as a fishing line. Along came Ol' Jack Frost who trapped poor rabbit's long tail in the frozen creek. When Ramblin' Rabbit's friends came to the rescue and gave him a tug, Ramblin' Rabbit  lost his beautiful long tail and ended with his famous 'cottontail.'" —a South Carolina folk tale from Beneath the Sweetgrass Moon

Cast: 10-12 men or women playing multiple roles
Set: unit set  
Recommended for: elementary and middle schools
Music: Traditional folks songs and spirituals, sung a cappella

Beneath the Sweetgrass Moon is based on authentic, traditional South Carolina African-American folktales, songs, games and ghost stories. Like a Lowcountry Hansel and Gretel, youngsters Mary and Jack set out on an adventure where they encounter whimsical folk characters such as Ring-tale-coon, Foxxy Fox, and Persimmon Possum. Along the way Mary and Jack learn how Rambling Rabbit got his short tail, discover a forest of riddle trees, and narrowly escape the clutches of the Boo Hag, a notorious witch-like enchantress from the swamps of the Carolina Lowcountry.